World Behind a World

A brownstone house (front not shown) in a twelve-inch wine-bottle box, now in a private collection

World Behind a World
World Behind a World Detail

The cat knitting (her needles are straight-pins) evokes Emma, a figure from Marge's childhood.

World Behind a World Detail
World Behind a World Detail
World Behind a World Detail
World Behind a World Thumbnail


Family CabinCommissioned sculpture


Cat ChairSculpture

Polar BearSculpture


Gift WrapIllustration

Panda ChairSculpture

Marathon RunnerSculpture

Pet PortraitsCommissioned sculpture

Surfer KidsIllustration

Frog’s New HatSculpture

Old SaltsCommissioned sculpture


Photo SessionSculpture

Rainbow ChairSculpture

ButterfliesWearable art

White Kitten RockerCommissioned sculpture

Ayla & GodzillaCommissioned sculpture

Christmas BoxSculpture

Bride & GroomCommissioned sculpture


Ornament FlyerAdvertising

Frog StoolFUNiture

Storm of the CenturyIllustration

Flea Market MascotCommissioned sculpture

Lords a-LeapingSculpture

Paisley HippoCommissioned sculpture

Garden BunniesIllustration

DogsCommissioned sculpture


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