About Marge

Marge Othrow

was born a long time ago.

Marge as a child

Some of her formative years were spent in


Marge at school

...where she was the only girl in her cartoon class at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. This prestigious institution is now a fine restaurant, where her group of cartoonists recently celebrated their first reunion in fifty years.

New York City

In New York City since the 1960's, Marge has been a pillar of her Brooklyn community, while free-lancing in the fields of store window display design…

Making window displays

...kids' clothing design, storyboards for TV commercials...


...and illustration (here's a portfolio piece made some three years after art school, done for the fable, "Belling the Cat").

Her interests

have included singing tenor in the community chorus, neighborhood gardening, animal rescue efforts (a pair of grateful clients helped as she worked on the Cat Chair)...


...poetry, the constant preservation of her 150-year-old house (posing here behind Marge and the Panda Chair), and a wide circle of friends.



Marge is the telephone voice of a therapy group in Manhattan, whose offices are enlivened and admonished by Othrow cartoons. She still has plenty of time to undertake all manner of whimsical projects.

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